Lan Ha Mr.

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Lan Ha Mr.

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Lan Ha Mr.

Lan Ha Mr. is located south of Halong Bay, Lan Ha Mr. is by far the smallest of the three primary bays in the area. It comprises around 400 limestone islets spread over 76 km2, and is just as pleasing to the eye as Halong Bay.

Lan Ha Mr. features the same jaw-dropping landscape of towering karst outcrops that tourists typically associate with Ha Long and if it weren’t for the conspicuous absence of crowds in Lan Ha Mr., you probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two bays.

Because of its distance from Halong City and the main tourist wharf, the popularity of Lan Ha Bay never really took off as it did for Halong Bay in the 1990s, and Lan Ha has remained in the shadow of its celebrity neighbor ever since.

This is good news for you – Lan Ha Mr. remains an untouched gem, with isolated areas, pristine waters, and caves to discover. Of course, it is most famed for its clean white beaches, a rarity in Halong.

With no less than 139 white sandy beaches in the bay, it doesn’t take much effort to find your perfect spot for swimming, snorkeling and, for the more adventurous – cliff jumping!

Home to Cat Ba Island, the largest island in the area. Rugged and craggy, it showcases all the dramatic features of halong. Many cruises start from Cat Ba, making it a great destination to start your trip. Enjoy the seafood market, the lovely beaches, and the national park.

Anggrek Cruises Teluk Halong- Pesiar Halong Mewah Teluk Lan Ha
Anggrek Cruises Teluk Halong- Lan Ha Mr.

Overall, if you are looking for a more secluded and laid-back version of the area, Lan Ha Mr. is ideal.

8 Top Lan Ha Bay Activities and Attractions

For lovers of wildlife, the marine waters of Lan Ha Mr. offer outstanding diving and snorkeling opportunities. There are hundreds of species of fish, mollusks and arthropods, as well as some of Asia’s rarest types of coral. If you are lucky, you might even catch sight of a couple of seals or dolphins while cruising on tourist boats!

There is much more to the bay than its marine life. You will find that there are numerous fun activities to do, read on for our top 8 in and around Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam:

1. Sea Kayaking

Explore the beauty of the bay up close and personal on your own little boat. Kayaking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature; you’ll have the chance to access places where tours won’t be able to get to.

Many cruises on Halong Hub have kayaking on their itinerary. Jika tidak, kayak rentals are easy to arrange at the waterside. Ba Trai Dao island, Tra Bau, and Ba Ham Lake are popular areas for this activity due to their sheltered nature and beautiful scenery.

2. Swimming around White Sandy Beaches

Swimming at any one of the best Lan Ha Bay beaches is the perfect way to take advantage of the warm, tropical surroundings. Ada 139 gorgeous beaches to choose from! The three best beaches are Ban Chan Beach, Ba Trai Dao Beach and Tiptop Beach.

3. Explore Cat Ba Island

It is well worth your time to spend a day or two on Pulau Cat Ba.

Mengunjungi Taman Nasional Cat Ba, a UNESCO world biosphere reserve, to see lush forests hiding civet cats, deer, hornbills, and more.

If you make your way to the southeast coast of Cat Ba Island, you’ll find a fully-equipped rock climbing center where you can enjoy a full or half-day of climbing; The island is also wonderful to explore on a bicycle.

End your day with Bia hoi at the draught beer stalls that line the harbor.

4. Visit a Floating Fishing Village

Rich in history, Halong Bay was a busy seaport in the 12th century, and thus home to many floating fishes villages.

Make a stop at the nearby Cai Beo floating village to gain some knowledge about Lan Ha Bay’s deep-rooted culture and traditions. Fishing the waters of the deep sea bay and navigating around its limestone mountains have long been a way of life for the locals.

5. Chase Sunsets

Wind down your peaceful day with a view of the sun setting over the undulating limestone crops of the bay.

Head over to Ba Trai Dao or the Three Peaches Islets for the best sunset in the area. The islets are three small limestone formations that look like peaches when seen from afar, with a unique bow shaped beach.

6. Snorkel About

Lan Ha Mr. has about 400 islets and limestone karst formations. Lose yourself in the amazing underwater world with a snorkeling experience.

Enjoy the myriad of marine life and be awed by the coral reefs. With waters more pristine and less polluted than Halong Bay, snorkeling here is such a treat.

Turtle Island, Monkey Island, and Nam Cat Island are two of the best spots, where calm waters and sea life awaits you!

7. Explore Caves

Lan Ha Bay is not only famous for its karst mountains but also for its caves. The caves here are out of this world! They have amazing rock formations, jaw-dropping stalagmites and stalactites. Two of the best Lan Ha Bay caves are Dark and Bright Caves and also Trung Trang Cave.

8. Island Hopping

Soft, sandy beaches, jagged limestone cliffs, and hiking opportunities abound on the countless islands of the bay.

The best way to enjoy the various islands is by visiting several of them – 1 hari

With almost 300 islets around the bay, 1 day is never enough! If you do not know which islands are the best, book Halong Bay cruises for an easy and more comfortable trip.

9. Dark and Light Cave

The Dark and Light Cave area, about 12 kilometers from Ben Beo Port, is ideal for kayaking with many underground cave systems. There are four caves in this area, including Permainan papan seperti kartu atau Parcheesi tersedia & Light Cave, Doi Cave, and Sua Cave. Dark Cave is the largest but relatively narrow and dark, while the other three caves have high cave arches.

The journey to explore all four caves is more than five kilometers, lasting about one and a half hours. Kayaking through the caves, you will feel amazed by the vast water area surrounded by majestic high limestone mountains. Permainan papan seperti kartu atau Parcheesi tersedia, you will have a chance to admire hundreds of beautiful stalactites.

Besides these above spots, Lan Ha Mr. still has many beautiful islands and islets. Let’s take a boat and explore exciting places in Lan Ha Mr. yourself!

Lan Ha Bay’s diversity is what makes it so special. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you’re bound to find something you love: kayak, renang, diving, trekking, rock climbing, cycling, beach volleyball, football – and so much more!

Read on for more activities to do in the area!

Should I Visit Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay?

Make no mistake about it – both bays are absolute stunners, guaranteed to impress even the most seasoned travelers. In both Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay you will be able to feast your eyes on some of the best views Mother Nature has to offer. She certainly took her time to create them; the landscape you’ll see there took over 500 million years to form.

The choice you’re looking at is of a different nature, it has more to do with your preferred style of traveling. If you are arriving on a tight schedule or a tight budget and need the most convenient, affordable cruise deal out there, then you are likely going to visit Halong Bay. You will have by far the greatest choice of deals and activities at your disposal. Of course, you will also get to enjoy the spectacular headline attractions of Halong Bay such as Ti Top Island or Sung Sot Cave.

Whereas, if you prefer a more off-the-beaten-road style of travel, or are looking for something quieter and focused on nature, then Lan Ha Bay is probably much more in tune with your needs.

For more insight, take a look at our in-depth comparison of the three bays – Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.

How to Get to Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Mr. is a bit more secluded than Halong Bay, but this is not to say that it’s much more difficult to reach. As a matter of fact, you have a range of convenient, hassle-free options at your disposal.


How to Get to Lan Ha Bay from Hanoi

The most common starting point for trips to Lan Ha Mr. is from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam approximately 134 km from Hanoi.

Another increasingly popular base is the port city of Hai Phong. From Got Pier in Hai Phong, you can easily connect to Cat Ba Island, which is the gateway to Lan Ha Mr..

Travel time from Hanoi to Hai Phong (Got Pier) is around 2 jam, and your options include a shuttle bus or a private car and limousine. This makes Lan Hay Bay possible for a day trip.

An alternative access point is through Halong City and its Tuan Chau Island. Rather than get to Lan Ha through Cat Ba Island, in that scenario you will arrive at the destination by cruising through Halong Bay first.

Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi is the second biggest transportation hub in Vietnam, and it is also the most popular choice for Ha Long visitors, offering convenient transport to Hanoi city center and to the Halong Bay area.

Is Lan Ha Bay in Halong Bay?

A deceptively difficult question, the answer really depends on how you choose to look at it. Yes and no at the same time!

In geological terms, Lan Ha Mr. is part of the same sinking plateau as both Ha Long and Bai Tu Long Bay. As you sail around the area, you will be hard-pressed to notice any significant change in the scenery around you as you move from Ha Long Bay to Lan Ha Bay. That said, the 3 bays do have clearly delineated borders, dan Lan Ha Mr. actually sits in a different province.

For the sake of simplicity but also to add to the confusion, most travel guides and websites put some of the attractions of both Lan Ha and Bai Tu Long under one Halong Bay umbrella.

15 Top the Best Lan Ha Bay Cruises-Halong Bay

With so many Ha Long cruises available in the market, and the actual quality of service varying wildly among them, you may find it’s quite a challenge to choose the best cruises.

We’ve done the legwork for you! These hand-picked Lan Ha Bay cruises guarantee nothing but the best experience of the glorious Lan Ha Mr..

Experience luxury and comfort that will make your experience more unforgettable in Lan Ha Bay’s best cruises. Most cruise lines offer a cooking class or an early morning Tai Chi lesson on top of their decks too.

  1. Stellar of the seas
  2. Orchid Cruises (Orchid Classic Cruises, Pelayaran Trendi Anggrek)
  3. Mon Cheri Cruises
  4. Scarlet Pearl Cruise
  5. Indochine Cruises
  6. Aspira Cruise
  7. Lacasta Cruises
  8. Era Cruises
  9. Le Theatre Cruise
  10. Capella Cruises
  11. Rosy Cruises
  12. Dora Cruise
  13. Doris Cruise
  14. Heritage Cruise
  15. Genesis Regal Cruise

Details the Best Lan Ha Bay Cruises

Stellar of the seas

About Stellar of the Seas
Stellar of the Seas cruise welcomes you to experience the new definition of contemporary luxury. We offer not only a luxury cruise service of the highest safety standard but also a completely unique experience with a carefully researched itinerary, attentive service, authentic decor, makanan enak… That makes your vacation a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
The cruise contains twenty-two elegant spacious rooms, full of the finest comforts such as fine dining, the panoramic bar, wine and cigars cellar, golf club, seasonal swimming pool, beauty spa & massage, children’s playground… Our personalized service, tailored to your needs, is what sets us apart and makes your visit to Halong Bay unique and memorable. Board the Stellar of the Seas cruise where a mesmerizing experience is guaranteed.

du thuyền stellar of the sea- smiletravel +84 941776786
du thuyền stellar of the sea- smiletravel +84 941776786

Orchid Cruises (Orchid Classic Cruises, Pelayaran Trendi Anggrek)

Sebagai kapal pesiar berkualitas bintang 5 pertama yang menjelajahi keduanya Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, Anggrek Klasik remains a timeless inspiration thanks to its classic Indochine architecture combined with all-wooden interiors. Yang terdiri dari 14 suite yang luas dengan balkon dan kamar mandi pribadi yang menghadap ke teluk, an outdoor jacuzzi on sundeck, Orchid Classic with 5-star services guarantees clients an extraordinary experience in discovering the mysterious beauty of the bays.

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Orchid Cruise

Mon Cheri Cruises

Kapal Pesiar Mon Cheri are Two of the Most Luxurious 5 – Star yacht in Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay The symbol of the Nature beauty in Vietnam.

It is a perfect blend of the Sophistication between the Classic European form and the rustic essence of Vietnamese Styling. Kapal Pesiar Mon Cheri itself creates the difference with the tiny distinguished feature from its Elegant design, Luxury restaurant, the menu is up with careful consideration, 42 Spacious Cabins with Private Balcony from Two Cruises bound to the Spectacular View of Teluk Ha Long, Lan Ha Mr. and Emerald Ocean

Kapal Pesiar Mon Cheri- Logo
Kapal Pesiar Mon Cheri- Logo

Scarlet Pearl Cruise

As the best luxury cruise in Halong Bay, Scarlet Pearl is unique in its commitment to sustainable, environmentally-sound luxury travel.

Go on an adventure with us to the breathtaking Lan Ha Mr. to discover from the pristine Viet Hai village to the stunning, mysterious Saksikan matahari terbit dengan sesi Tai Chi di tempat berjemur, and see what else we entail.

Create special memories on Scarlet Pearl with various activities in Lan Ha Mr. that offer unforgettable experiences with the locals and immerse yourself in its beautiful nature.

Permainan papan seperti kartu atau Parcheesi tersedia Lan Ha Mr. with a panorama view while savoring a top-notch meal, sip away a refreshing cocktail or indulge in a massage session, available at all times with Scarlet Pearl’s on-cruise 5-star services.

scarlet pearl cruises-smiletravel
scarlet pearl cruises-smiletravel

Indochine Cruises

Indochina Sails and Indochine Cruise has always supported the local communities and indigenous peoples who still live in and off of the waters of Teluk Ha Long. Children in local fishing villages are supported through donations, and educational support in the form of school equipment and uniforms. Layar Indochina also celebrate special events including International Children’s Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the new school year. On special charter itineraries, local children are invited onto the ships to meet our guests and enjoy parties with gifts and food.

Pelayaran Indochina
Pelayaran Indochina

About the Aspira Cruise

The pristine Lan Ha Mr. is a perfect alternative for its crowded and famous neighbor, Halong Bay. Realizing the great potential of Lan Ha Mr., Aspira Cruise was launched to provide tourists with excellent services and an off-the-beaten-path journey to Lan Ha Mr.. Featuring modern styles and focusing on the authentic experience of passengers, Aspira Cruises would be the best selection compared to other mid-range vessels in Lan Ha Mr..

All the details in the design of the Aspira Cruise are arranged meticulously to ensure the maximum comfort of all passengers. 22 luxurious cabins of Aspira Cruise are well-appointed with modern facilities, private balconies, bathrooms and other necessary amenities. Besides, a system of restaurants, bar, spas and gyms will give the best comfort to the journey of passengers to Lan Ha Bay on Aspira Cruises. Right from first sight, tourists can fall in love with the elegant style and well-furnished facilities of Aspira Cruises. Book this cruise +84 941776786

Cruising to Lan Ha Bay on Aspira Cruise, tourists will reach a less touristy area right on the edge of Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay owns a diverse system of flora and fauna, an appealing and gorgeous appearance, and a tranquil and fresh atmosphere. Their tourists will get a chance to participate in plenty of exciting activities such as swimming, kayak, mountain-hiking, cycling and squid fishing. These are all wonderful experiences that cannot be found anywhere in the world but in Halong and Lan Ha Bay.

If you are seeking an authentic journey to Lan Ha Mr. to get closer to nature and the ocean, Aspira Cruises is a good option. The professionalism is maintained in the dedicated services, the elegant design and the well-trained staff will give you the experience of your lifetime.

6 things that we love most about Aspira Cruise

  • Built-in modern and elegant styles
  • Equipped with the finest facilities and amenities
  • Comfortable cabins with private balcony, en-suite bathroom and ocean view
  • A diverse menu set, serving Halal and Kosher dishes
  • and Kosher dishes Onboard gym and spa treatment
  • Impressive stopovers in Halong and Lan Ha Bay
    Du Thuyền Aspira Cruise 5 Sao
    Aspira Cruise

In May 2020, a modern-design cruise with a unique routing named La Casta Cruise has launched. Going beyond the ordinary itinerary, our La Casta Cruise will take you passing by the most famous part of Halong bay from Tuan Chau international marina and then visiting the forgotten paradise in the southern part of Halong Bay: amazing Lan Ha Bay.

With only 22 luxurious cabins on board with the lowest size of 28 sqm, the cruise will promise the best experience you can take in the bay. Thanks to its architecture, all cabins in La Casta Cruise provide a full ocean view and a private balcony to let you have a panoramic view of the bay. Ada 4 available choices of room type, namely, Junior Suite, Senior Suite, Family Suite, VIP Suite (Honeymoon Suite) with private terrace – each with its own advantages and fitted for a specific group of travelers. Every single detail from the facilities to public amenities is well-equipped and aims to bring the comfiest, coziest and the most satisfying experiences to customers such as outdoor Jacuzzi swimming pool, beauty spa services, theme party on request, pick-up services by Limousine car (on request), luxurious bar and restaurant, and so forth.

A lot of thrilling activities like kayaking, sunbathing, hadiahi diri Anda dengan banyak pilihan koktail di bar panorama atau ikuti salah satu aktivitas kami di pesawat, afternoon tea, cooking lesson, etc. are awaiting you on the La Casta trip. Let’s cruise with us to discover spectacular scenery around Tonkin Bay including Halong Bay, Lan Ha Mr. and surrounding areas.

Halong La Casta Cruises is high quality 5-star cruise line operating in Halong Bay- Lan Ha Mr..
Halong La Casta Cruises Lan Ha Bay.

ERA Cruises

Welcome to ERA Cruises, the home of luxury Lan Ha Bay cruises and Halong Bay cruise tours that will show you a different side of the beautiful country that is Vietnam. Our luxury cruise vessels disembark from the exclusive Lan Ha Bay, which is the bay situated right next to the popular Halong Bay. Our Luxury 2 to 3-day cruise tours explore the waters and famous attractions of both bays, but many of our passengers prefer to disembark from Lan Ha Bay as it’s a pristine, less crowded and much more exclusive destination compared to its famous neighbor Halong Bay. If you are looking to plan a trip to Vietnam and you are looking for something a little different, have a look at the different Lan Ha Bay tours and Halong Bay tours that we have available and see the itineraries from which you can choose. A visit to the land of the blue dragon will leave you in awe with some of the spectacular scenery that is on offer, and you are sure to make special memories that will last a lifetime when you disembark from Lan Ha Bay on one of the Halong Bay cruises with ERA Cruises.

Era Cruises Lan Ha Bay- Logo +84 941776786
Era Cruises Lan Ha Bay

Welcome to Le Theater Cruise

The 5-star standard Le Theater Cruise is exquisitely designed with a minimalist and sophisticated style but still has a modern style. Stepping on board Le Theater Cruise Wonder of Lan Ha Bay, passengers can be overwhelmed by the luxury and shimmer of the restaurant. Le Theater Cruises offers 23 modern cabins where guests can relax on Lan Ha Bay. Guests can use sun loungers on the terrace. All air-conditioned cabins are decorated in earthy colors of white and brown. The cabins have heating, a wardrobe, free WiFi and satellite TV. The private bathroom comes with a shower and a hairdryer.

Front desk staff is available 24 hours to assist guests with currency exchange, airport shuttle and shuttle services. Lebih-lebih lagi, the Cruise also offers many water sports activities, including kayaking, swimming and fishing. Le Theater Cruise deserves to be a masterpiece of art, more than a 5-star hotel on Halong Bay. Coming to Le theater Cruise, you will enjoy the most luxurious and classy services. You and your family are sure to have great experiences with a trip to the world heritage site.

About Capella Cruise

Debuting in 2020, Capella is an all-suite vessel that creates a brand-new standard of cruising in Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Indochina culture is an unlimited source of inspiration for architects and designers to create such a beautiful vessels. The retro style harmonizes with state-of-art amenities to craft an exclusive experience that exceeds any of your expectations. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury journey at sea, look no further than Capella Cruise.

Being the sonata of beauty and ultimate luxury on Halong Bay, Capella Cruise is a blend of excellent accommodations, fascinating amenities, and a dedicated crew. In a 6-desk luxurious vessel, it features 30 luxurious and airy suites with some of the largest entry-level ones in the bay. All offer an ocean-view bathtub, floor-to-ceiling windows, bonus private terrace with elegant outdoor furniture.

Capella Cruises di Teluk Halong
Capella Cruises di Teluk Halong

Welcome to Rosy Cruise

Rosy Cruise is one of the most luxurious 5-star cruises available for visiting Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay – symbols of the nature and beauty of Vietnam. We offer a unique cruise, where our carefully chosen itineraries can take you to places beyond the reach of larger ships!

The Rosy Cruise family believes a superior service of the highest safety standard should be at the heart of the experience we offer onboard. Rosy staffs are professional chosen for their warm personalities and unparalleled expertise. Guests are welcomed into the Rosy Family, where authentic comradeship is enjoyed by all making your vacation an exclusive and unforgettable adventure.

Rosy Cruise is one of the most luxurious 5-star cruises available for visiting Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay
Rosy Cruise Lan Ha Bay

Logo Dora Cruise

Let’s leave behind all the worries of daily life to embark on our cruise and release your soul into gentle waves with us. Dora Cruise will accompany you to new destinations to discover all the hidden corners of the treasures of Teluk Lan Ha, Halong bay. Paddling a kayak to explore thousands-year-old caves, visiting Viet Hai fishing village to enjoy the Vietnamese rural atmosphere or enjoying the nightlife on the bay with our special cocktails … all the most enjoyable experiences will be included in the Dora journey with many surprises waiting for you.

Dora Cruises - Love song on the emerald bay
Dora CruisesLove song on the emerald bay

Welcome to Doris Cruise

Doris Cruise is a newly 5-star cruise. It is the first cruise with an available swimming pool. All cabins have available private balconies with an ocean view. The itineraries are exclusive and different from all cruises with unique and original Lan Ha Mr. which is not too crowded.

Cruise Doris 5 Perjalanan Sao-Smile
Doris Cruise Smile Travel

Welcome to Heritage Binh Chuan

Inspired by the legacy of ship king Bach Thai Buoi successfully launched the Binh Chuan ship in Hai Phong exactly 100 bertahun-tahun lalu.

Heritage Binh Chuan brings the most authentic experiences with a minimum of 40 guests and a maximum of 60 passengers on a magnificent and sophisticated cruise operating in the Gulf of Tonkin. Travelers feel the culture, history, art and people of Vietnam when cruising on a unique cruise amidst natural wonders.

Heritage Binh Chuan received the most prestigious award, TripAdvisor 2022 Travelers’ Choice Awards “Best of The Best”.

Heritage Crusies Halong Bay- Lan Ha Mr.
Heritage Cruises Lan Ha Bay

About Genesis Regal Cruise

A brand new luxury cruise that set sail daily from Tuan Chau Marina, Genesis Luxury Regal Cruise will take you around Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. The cruise design is modeled after the French-Indochine style, offering luxury amenities and a cozy feel. All cabins are lavishly equipped with spacious balconies, bathtubs and Indochine-style beddings.

The journey with Genesis Regal includes a visit to Pulau Cat Ba, Trung Trang cave, Dark-light cave and many exciting activities such as kayaking, visiting a fishing village on the bay or cooking class. A trip with a General cruise will promise you a great relaxing experience.

The Genesis Regal is brand new superb luxurious cruise in Halong-Lan ha bay
Genesis Regal Cruise Lan ha bay