Haut 10 les meilleures croisières dans la baie d'Halong-baie de Lan Ha 2022-2023

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Haut 10 les meilleures croisières dans la baie d'Halong-baie de Lan Ha 2022-2023

Icône Août 19, 2022
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Haut 10 les meilleures croisières dans la baie d'Halong-baie de Lan Ha 2022-2023

  1. Croisière classique aux orchidées
  2. Croisière Stellar of the Seas
  3. Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan
  4. Ambassador Cruise
  5. Croisière Capella
  6. Croisière perle écarlate
  7. Croisière Indochine
  8. Croisière Aspire
  9. Le theatre Cruise
  10. Era Cruises

Let’s Explore Top 10 les meilleures croisières dans la baie d'Halong-baie de Lan Ha 2022-2023

Croisière classique aux orchidées|Baie d'Halong

Launched in November 2016, Orchid Cruise employs state-of-the-art design with a second-to-none cruise routing. Going beyond the ordinary itinerary, Croisière classique aux orchidées will take you through the best and most hidden part of Halong Bay: it starts from Tuan Chau Island and cruises around Baie d'Halong et baie de Lan Ha.

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Overview Orchid Cruise

With only 14 luxurious cabins on board with the lowest size of 36 m², the cruise will promise the best trip you can take in Halong Bay. All cabins in Orchid Cruise provide a full ocean view and private balcony to let you enjoy the magnificent seascape of Halong Bay. Il y a 5 choices of room types, namely, Suite with Balcony, Family Suite with Balcony, Premium Suite with Balcony, Family Premium Suite with Balcony, and Orchid Exclusive Suiteeach with its own advantage and fitted for a specific group of travelers. All cabins in Croisière Orchidée are fully equipped with advanced amenities to ensure the maximum comfort and satisfaction of customers.

Besides the luxury private cabins, public amenities on Croisière Orchidée are also unparalleled: beauty spa services, theme party on request, pick-up services by Limousine car, luxury bar and restaurant, gym room, and so forth. Plenty of thrilling activities like kayaking, sunbathing, regarder le film au restaurant, discovering amazing grottos and island, cooking lesson, etc. are awaiting you on the Orchid trip.

Croisière Stellar of the Seas |Baie d'Halong

Peaceful, luxueux, and sophisticated, la Croisière Stellar of the Seas crew always works carefully to create an authentic experience on your special visit to Halong. With an aesthetic design and luxurious vibe, it combines 22 elegant and spacious cabins on the 1st and 2nd decks. Each cabin comes with a private balcony or large sun terrace and a bathtub.

A luxurious restaurant, a panoramic bar, a wine and cigars cellar and a mini golf club are just some highlights among numerous amenities. Set on the 3rd deck, the Stellar of the Seas dining restaurant has a capacity of up to 60 des places, both indoors and outdoors. With a romantic style, it offers a 5-star cuisine excursion on your plate.

Separated from the restaurant, the panoramic bar provides a cluster of fine wines and non-alcoholic drinks. What could be better than a little corner of intimacy where you can enjoy peaceful moments and take slow conversations with your beloveds and friends? Sipping a stunning cocktail in the fresh air and looking over the seasonal swimming pool and the emerald sea is the best way to enjoy the leisure hours on the ship.

Apart from the spectacular itinerary, Stellar of the Seas always makes service a top priority with a professional crew who guarantees your stay is memorable and unique.

Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan|Baie d'Halong

Put into operation in 2019 as a new 5-star cruise, this 4-story work of art reflects the golden time of the Indochine period. Bearing the iconic embarks of the first ship by Bach Thai Buoi, Heritage Binh Chuan promises a luxury stay right above the emerald water of Lan Ha M..

Heritage Binh Chuan’s built-in 20 boutique cabins, including 6 Delta Suites, 10 Ocean Suites, 2 Captain Suites, et 2 Regal Suites. Despite having a different design, all units are spacious, allant de 33 pour 46 m², and clad with high-end amenities.

The design is mainly inspired by the Indochine style but still able to express the tradition and culture of past time. With the intention of maximizing the coverage of natural lights, arched staircases and large windows are used everywhere. The cabins have their own private balconies and a large bathroom with huge glass windows for the green Bay vista.

The first two floors of the cruise are distributed for visitors’ cabinsDelta and Captain Suite stand next to the wine cellar on the 1st floor and Ocean and Regal are on the 2ndwhile the remaining floors are adorned for dining and entertainment purposes. There is a large sun lounge for multi activities such as morning Vovinam, outdoor cooking class, event parties, afternoon tea, or just simply lying on the benches to admire the stunning Bay.

de plus, the only seasonal pool of the Lan Ha cruise, and one of the largest onboard swimming pools, located on the top floor, will absolutely satisfy the need for a dip. For guests craving, Vietnamese local food and international dishes, L’Indochine and Le Tonkin restaurants, a wine cellar, and a lounge bar can serve. Breakfast and lunch will be Asia plus Western buffet, dinner will be of fine dining style, and small kids have their own custom-made order menu.

There is also a piano lounge, an art gallery, and a boutique spa for other relaxing experiences. Along with flexible tours and exciting activities, the cruise is on fire to bring an unforgettable cultural experience for every Vietnam traveler.

Ambassador Cruise -6 Star Luxury Cruise|Baie d'Halong

Step aboard the luxurious and refined Ambassador cruise (previously known as President Cruise) for a memorable experience on the way to explore the beauty of Halong Bay.

Boasting one of the biggest cruises in the region, this floating hotel features 46 chic and stylish rooms with a capacity of 120 passagers. You will be overwhelmed with your stay in large cabins/ suites which are all fitted with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms, bathtubs, and private balcony. Besides top-notch accommodation, the cruise also provides a full range of modern amenities namely a luxury spa on cruise, a swimming pool on the sundeck, a piano lounge and a restaurant.

Ambassador’s restaurant caters to guests with delectable food including an international buffet for lunch and a la carte menu for dinner, world-class hospitality and exclusive services. Let the sleek modern cruise take you on its well-designed itinerary curated by experts to sumptuous sceneries of Grotte de Sung Sot, Tung Sau Pearl Farm or Luon Cave. Additionally, reward yourself with a spa treatment, Happy Hour and attend fun-filling cooking demonstrations as well as other night activities onboard.

Croisière Capella|Baie d'Halong

Débuts en 2020, Capella is an all-suite vessel that creates a brand-new standard of cruising in Halong and Lan Ha Bay. Indochina culture is an unlimited source of inspiration for architects and designers to create such a beautiful vessels. The retro style harmonizes with state-of-art amenities to craft an exclusive experience that exceeds any of your expectations. If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury journey at sea, look no further than Croisière Capella.

Croisières Capella dans la baie d'Halong
Croisières Capella dans la baie d'Halong

Being the sonata of beauty and ultimate luxury on Halong Bay, Croisière Capella is a blend of excellent accommodation, fascinating amenities, and a dedicated crew. In a 6-desk luxurious vessel, it features 30 luxurious and airy suites with some of the largest entry-level ones in the bay. All offer an ocean-view bathtub, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a bonus private terrace with elegant outdoor furniture.

Indochina-styled design with elaborately beautiful interior mixes together to create a sophisticated ambiance that effortlessly captivates people’s hearts. Set privacy and service quality as the highest priorities, Capella features private corners for you to unwind and relax. Spirit of the Sea Lounge, located on the 4th floor with indoor and outdoor space, is the hallmark of the cruise. Here you can find your own corner inside or outside the lounge. It’s the typical place to gather with your friends before or after dinner, where you can slowly sip your favorite cocktails while listening to some classical music. No matter how long you stay, onboard activities are practically limitless. A swimming pool, karaoke room, poker club, fitness center, and indulgent spa are designed to satisfy guests at any age.

Croisière perle écarlate|Baie d'Halong

Elegant and sophisticated, this well-furnished steel ship is truly a dedication to the ultimate luxury in the cruising industry. Sailing solely within Lan Ha Bay, Scarlet Pearl provides a less crowded location and incredibly untouched base compared to the neighboring, touristy world-class wonder of Baie d'Halong.

croisières perle écarlate-smiletravel
Scarlet Pearl Cruises-Smile Travel

The sense of style, quality, and comfort is set impeccably on Scarlet Pearl. The luxurious vessel is well-known for its sophisticated, beautiful design and an impressive selection of premier facilities. The overall style is the ultimate luxury among numerous cruises in the North. From the exquisitely relaxed cabins to the neutral color palette of cream and dark wood brown tone, the impression is subtle elegance over glitz.

23 spacious accommodations, divisée en 4 types of cabins, dominate two of five desks on Croisière perle écarlate. Large and lavish, the cabins range from a generous entry-level of 28m2 to the spotlight of the cruise – the one and only Scarlet Pearl cabin with a total area of 150m2. All of them open onto private balconies to take full advantage of the vast vista of the ocean in front of your eyes.

As ultimate luxury is the key principle behind the Scarlet Pearl, once you enter the lobby, you will be overwhelmed by its endless list of first-class facilities. For relaxation and re-invigoration experiences on your journey, Akoya Spa is worth a stop by. Dining by the sea, treat yourself to fascinating delicacies at Tahiti restaurant, then let the classy Bar Bistro feast you on an extended menu of lavish cocktails, wines, and tonics. Lying on the sundeck to wait for sunrises and sunsets, relax with a Jacuzzi pool or keep your body in shape at a private fitness center, Scarlet Pearl has unlimited facilities to indulge travelers.

The highlight of Scarlet Pearl unquestionably is the unique Pearl Museum right on board. A tranquil sophisticated venue showcases the most fabulous and high-qualified pearls in the area. Get an insight into the tradition of local pearl farming and admire stunning creations that have become a unique and signature gift of the bay. The authentic experience over the bay combines with a unique, complemented service to promise a memorable journey on this catamaran sailboat.

Croisière Indochine

Belonging to the Voiles d'Indochine cruise line, Indochine Cruise s'adresse aux passagers à l'esprit traditionnel à la recherche du luxe raffiné de l'Indochine.

Croisière Indochine
Croisière Indochine

43 staterooms are spacious and strongly reflect French Indochine heritage with quaint wooden furnishings. Classé dans la cabine de la suite junior, cabine suite, cabine suite exécutive, cabine suite président, et cabine familiale triple, each unit comprises a firm bed finished with luxuriant linen to ensure the utmost comfort, une grande salle de bain en marbre, un bain à remous, et un balcon extérieur.

Le salon du pont supérieur est un endroit parfait pour les amoureux du soleil pour siroter un cocktail et rester bronzé. pendant ce temps, bar sur le pont supérieur de fin de soirée & Le restaurant Tonkin adhère au style colonial vintage et propose une sélection de cocktails et de vins importés. The 2-day voyage provides easy accessibility to several tourist destinations namely Foncé & Grotte lumineuse et Village de Viet Haï. Il existe de nombreuses occasions de se rapprocher de la nature et de vivre des activités passionnantes comme le kayak, visite de la grotte, Cyclisme, et pêche au calmar.

Croisière Aspire

Expected to be launched in spring 2020, Croisière Aspire is the sister cruise of Lavender Cruise in Halong Bay that is famous for its excellent service and great activities among mid-range cruises. Se concentrer sur le segment du luxe et les itinéraires moins touristiques dans la baie de Lan Ha, Croisière Aspire présente non seulement un style moderne et élégant, mais possède également des points uniques en servant de la nourriture halal et casher, dont seulement quelques croisières à Halong – La baie de Lan Ha pourrait offrir. Maintaining professionalism from its forerunner in Baie d'Halong, Croisière Aspire is a new option for anyone seeking a wonderful trip to Lan Ha Bay, the extension of the UNESCO Heritage Site.

Croisière Aspira 5 Sao
Croisière Aspire

Le Theatre Cruise

Redefines the luxury hospitality experience the Le Theatre Cruise is well-designed with emphasis on elegant simplicity and first-rate food, an airy refuge and our 23 luxurious cabins. Boarding on the Le Theatre cruisea Wonder of Lan Ha Bay, guests can be overwhelmed by the luxury and sparkling of the restaurant, the elegant decor room style with fully modern equipment. de plus, This cruise has offer water sports activities, including kayaking, swimming and fishing you and your family will definitely have a wonderful experience of world heritage.

Croisières Le Théâtre - Sourire Voyage +84 941776786
Croisières Le Théâtre

Era Cruise

Launched in late December 2017, Era cruise departs daily from Tuan Chau Area and takes you to Halong Bay via Lan Ha Bay, an equally magnificent natural landscape.

Featuring 18 cabins and suites, Era Cruise is a great luxury choice for classic travelers who seek relaxation with a touch of adventure. The cruise will take you across the emerald water of Baie d'Halong to the most beautiful caves and sights in this world-renowned destination.

All cabins feature a private sun terrace, spacious cabin and luxury decoration. The Era Suite is proudly the largest of its kind among all cruises in Halong Bay, with a generous area of 74sqm.

Era Cruises Lan Ha Bay- Sourire Voyage +84 941776786
Era Cruises Lan Ha Bay